Gunnison children start hockey early

Gunnison children start hockey early

Gunnison loves hockey. There are 15 amateur leagues, and you can play indoors, outdoors, or on a pond all winter long. There is even a team called the Never-Evers, open to any adult male or female, if you are feeling brave. If you are not, come and cheer anyway. The whole town is there! The Gunnison kids are outstanding.

The Never Ever team features both sexes, and ages from 18 to 60

The Never Ever team includes men and women ages 18 to 60

If you don’t like hockey, the public indoor and outdoor rinks are also open from November until April for regular ice-skating. Sometimes people even skate on Blue Mesa Lake when the ice is smooth enough. You can go for miles.

Anne Hornyak 10 Dec 11 flickr