In autumn, the Gunnison area becomes a magnet for hunters from around the country. Bow-hunting, muzzle-loading, and rifle season each have their fans. Big game is abundant here and many local people live for hunting season. There are also a dozen or so local outfitters who have all the equipment and guides needed if you are new to the sport. You can have your meat processed in Gunnison too.

Eagle Ridge Ranch includes 2600 acres of private big game hunting in our beautiful Primitive Area, a mostly roadless wilderness. It has been compared to our own national park… with hunting allowed. In the Primitive Area are two fully furnished two-bedroom cabins, with water, heat, and electricity. The cabins are sited high up, at the edge of forests, with spectacular views. Owners and their friends can spend up to a week at a time in the wilderness, hunting…. or writing, painting, or photographing, if they want. Sign up in advance during hunting season. Because the ranch is surrounded by places where hunting is allowed, and there is limited hunting on ranch private land, the animals are abundant.

Hunting is not just for men. The sport has become more and more popular among women, too. In fact, a high-quality company for women’s hunting clothes, Próis, is headquartered in Gunnison.


Watch out for elk, mountain lions, bear, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, mule deer, badgers and other wild animals…. you will see them.


The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department has more information about hunting in our area. The ranch is in Game Management Unit 54.