Eagle Ridge Ranch has the largest conservation easement in Gunnison County. This means that the views, the water, the mineral and timber rights are legally preserved forever, and the land cannot be subdivided further. This protects homeowners and also the environment.

There are 5800 acres under ranch management: the 4900 acres of the ranch itself, 600 acres under federal permit, and 300 acres under long-term state lease. U.S. Forest Service and BLM land borders the ranch on the east and the west, providing even more access to recreation. ERR has been a model for conservation ranches around the west. Wildlife, birds, wildflowers, stream and forest conservation have all been considered carefully in ranch planning. The ranch is managed with three priorities: profitable agriculture, conservation and enhancement of wildlife, and homeowners’ recreation. Homeowners’ committees work with experts and local conservation authorities to ensure good environmental management.

Eagle Ridge was the first conservation ranch in the Gunnison area and one of the first in the West. For its pioneering ideas, the ranch won the State of Colorado’s first Smart Growth award.