Life at Eagle Ridge Ranch is so pleasant that several homeowners who planned at first to live here only part-time have turned into full-timers. Unlike many such beautiful ranches, Eagle Ridge is not far from civilization; the town of Gunnison is close by. As the largest town for 100 miles around, with a small but dynamic university, an airport, and an excellent supermarket, it offers many amenities that a larger town might envy. There is also far more variety in activities and diversity of people than some might assume from its location deep in the Colorado mountains. The beauty of the area and its surrounding wilderness, as well as its cold but healthy climate and active lifestyle, are so attractive that people from all over the world come to live here, while many ambitious young locals find their way back home as well. The towns of Gunnison and Crested Butte form a dynamic duo; the college-town ambience and cowboy flavor of Gunnison combine with the artsy ski town Crested Butte to make a very attractive region, greater than the sum of its parts.